El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana

El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana
The Conquistador who put the Amazaon baisn "on the map"....Francisco Orellana

Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to make wads upon wads of cash... South American style...

Peter Coyne, seeking investment shelter from D.C.’s crooks and mobsters....

 "Here's how McCain's tweet should have read:" writes one reader, referencing John McCain's photo in yesterday's episode. Recall he was caught playing poker during the committee hearing on the pending Syrian strike.

"Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at hearing debating whether or not to launch a strike that will likely kill thousands of people fighting against al-Qaida, possibly starting WWIII and borrowing more money to do it. LOL!"

C'mon… His hands were tied. We all know John would've sent a more forthright tweet if it weren't for Twitter's 140-character limit...

OK, truth is the 140-character element of Twitter is a politician's godsend. It's a short, sweet and completely deceptive way to communicate. The perfect tool for pulling a mob job on America, just like the one our own Chris Mayer detailed for you yesterday.

Oh, that reminds us…

"A deal's a deal," writes Chris this morning. We're happy to report that we crossed over our petition's 1,500-signature threshold early this morning. Now Chris will share what we believe is the safest way you can build wealth. He's agreed to unlock your access to the "Chaffee Royalty Program."

Now, here's the important part…

To access these four royalty plays, you need to be in your seats tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. You'll receive an email with the subject line, "The Chaffee Royalty Program, Revealed."

If you want the first crack at Chris' "Chaffee Royalty Program" that has turned every $1 invested into $50… keep your eyes peeled for that email tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. Inside you'll find the full details of how to get started with Chris' royalty plays right away.

In anticipation, Chris makes the "Case for Royalties" in today's episode. Given, the choppy waters the markets are sailing into the next few weeks, his analysis couldn't be more timely. More on that below…

Back to what we were writing about...

"I think Chris Mayer missed something in yesterday's mob job essay," writes one reader. "The Fed is the biggest mob job in the history of the world. We all live in a debtors' prison. We work so that the super-rich people can live high on the hog. The Federal Reserve System is set up -- probably not intentionally -- so the amount of money in circulation is controlled by the very few…"

We would add that they try their best to control the money in circulation… Carla Salazar reported in The Huffington Post this morning that Peruvian teenagers seem to be cutting in on the action.

A 13-year-old Peruvian boy was arrested after being found with a sack of $700,000 in counterfeit bills. He was able to show police how it was done. Peru is now the No. 1 dollar counterfeiter. $103 million in counterfeit bills has been confiscated in Peru in the last 10 years. Fifty percent of that has been since 2010.

"Counterfeiters earn up to $20,000 in real currency for every $100,000 in false bills they produce, after expenses," HuffPo quotes an investigator from Peru's fraud division saying. In one week, counterfeiters are able to produce $600,000 worth of bills.

$120,000 profit for a week's work? We'd say Peruvians have a case for counterfeiting.

There's a three-step process: Computer design, stamp etching and applying varnish. Then they're given texture and sanded. Add a Peruvian homespun touch -- using syringes, needles and glue to put security strips on bills -- and poof, you've got a greenback.

Chalk it up to cheap labor… We think it's a riot that even America's specialty export, the U.S. dollar, is being "made in Peru." And we can safely assume that the counterfeiters won't be "tapering" anytime soon…

The Fed's a different story.

We have two weeks till we find out if taper talk is for naught. The Fed's latest Beige Book for the upcoming FOMC meeting Sept. 17-18 rehashed stale points. Consumer spending is up. Growth is "moderate" or "modest." Inflation is still low, and the employment situation is still lagging.

"Let's put these clues together," writes Chris Mayer in today's episode of The Daily Reckoning. "We have another fiscal crisis imminent with a looming debt ceiling drama. We have a Federal Reserve that is already doing a huge and unsustainable amount of 'stimulus' buying. And we have an economy far weaker than it's been in a more than a decade despite the bluster over GDP."

And he forgot to mention Syria…

Where's an investor to put his money? Despite the cash being made in Peru, we don't recommend counterfeiting. Instead, you should consider what we've been talking about all week: royalties.

The Daily Reckoning

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