El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana

El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana
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Monday, March 25, 2013

97 events will celebrate the Easter Quiteña 2013

Culture, religion, tradition and cuisine come together to exalt the celebration of Holy Week as part of the agenda of the 'Quito Easter 2013', which includes nearly a hundred events organized by the Metropolitan District of Quito, Quito through tourism.

The presentation of the programming was done by Luz Elena Coloma, Quito Tourism manager, who detailed the activities and invited Quito and tourists to join these demonstrations of faith in our capital, which this year celebrates 35 years of being recognized as First Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In his speech, Mayor Augusto Barrera said that Easter has been, from various dimensions, an important moment in the construction of cultural heritage. "These 97 acts that will be presented during these two weeks give value to these religious and cultural expressions," he said.

The program, which starts on Sunday 17 March, includes a large number of events that make up the liturgical calendar, the rituals of faith and tradition in rural parishes, fanesca food festival, the Concert of Sacred Music XII, band concerts, recitals and dance and music festivals of popular religiosity, which adds a wide range of cultural and permanent museum.

We highlight some of the major events that are held in the Metropolitan District of Quito for the celebration of Holy Week:

• Drag tails. The Cathedral will host this event (March 27), a celebration that takes place only in two world cities: Quito and Sevilla. The ritual begins when the Archbishop of Quito and its canons made a procession carrying on their backs the tails. Then, the canons prostrate before the altar for a huge shake Archbishop black flag with a red cross on them. Finally, the cleric hits the flagpole to the ground three times, symbol of resurrection.

• Procession Jesus of the Great Power. With Good Friday (March 29), day of mourning, the church doors are closed, and reaches the imposing procession of Jesus of the Great Power. The cones near the Veronicas are traditional figures accompanying Jesus del Gran Poder and the Virgin Dolorosa walking several streets of the historic center and south of the city.

• Ceremonies in rural parishes. Parishes are also players in this age of popular faith, culture and tradition. The traditional "Blessing of the Fire" in Alangasí (March 30), the procession Puellaro night (March 29) or the shocking caravan in La Merced (March 29), are some of the rites, in the day or night, are performed.

• XII International Festival of Sacred Music. From 17 to 29 March, will be held this meeting which this year has rescued scores of churches and convents Quito to turn them into new works that will sound for the first time to the public. Furthermore, the present Gregorian Chant Choir of Madrid (Spain), Chatham Baroque (USA), Lipzodes Ensemble (USA), from Mexico arrives ONIX Ensemble, contemporary electronic music and light show, Ars Longa ( Cuba), Capella Paulistana (Brazil), Carmen Helena Téllez (Venezuela-US.), the American gospel group Spiritual Ensemble (USA), the organist James Johnstone (UK), the organist Cristina Banegas (Uruguay) and choral director Joseph Flummerfelt (USA).

• Tourist routes. Quito Tourism has prepared two routes for the Easter holiday. The first route will take you to admire the traditional "Diablada" La Merced (March 29) and the second will be in the Cayambe-Coca National Park (March 30). More information and reservations in the store, at the corner Quinde Venezuela s / n mirror or by calling 445 2572.

• Holidays in the round. This 23 and March 24 at the Boulevard on May 24, the artisans of the "Hands on The Round" will participate in a craft fair and art festival performed by the Ballet Folklorico Humanizarte.

• Competition of the 12 best Fanescas. UDLA Quito Tourism and recognized for the second year to 12 establishments that preserve the tradition, taste and recipe fanesca essential. The event will be in the convent of San Agustin, on March 21.

You can check out the entire schedule of Holy Week 2013 in Quito Quito Tourism website www.quito.com.ec/semanasanta/

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