El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana

El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana
The Conquistador who put the Amazaon baisn "on the map"....Francisco Orellana

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WikiLeaks founder Assange seeks Ecuador asylum: Embassy

LONDON (AFP) - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange requested political asylum from Ecuador on Tuesday and was holed up at its embassy in London while Quito examined the request, officials said.

Assange, who last week exhausted all his legal options in Britain against extradition to Sweden over alleged sex crimes, came to the embassy on Tuesday afternoon seeking political asylum, the London mission said.

The embassy said it had passed the request on to Quito, stressing that it had an 'obligation to review all applications for asylum.' 'While the department assesses Mr Assange's application, Mr Assange will remain at the embassy, under the protection of the Ecuadorian Government,' it said in a statement.

'The decision to consider Mr Assange's application for protective asylum should in no way be interpreted as the Government of Ecuador interfering in the judicial processes of either the United Kingdom or Sweden,' it added.

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