El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana

El Conquistqdor Francisco de Orellana
The Conquistador who put the Amazaon baisn "on the map"....Francisco Orellana

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ecuador deports younger brother of 2 of Colombia's most sought drug-trafficking suspects

Note from this Blog: We published a post last week mentioning the growing threat of organized crime in Ecuador and how we thought the Ecuadorian Military and Police would rise to the occasion. This recent developments support our beliefs......

By Associated Press

7:21 p.m. EDT, March 18, 2012
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — The younger brother of two of Colombia's most wanted drug-trafficking suspects has been deported home by neighboring Ecuador.Authorities say Juan Carlos Calle Serna was flown to Bogota on Sunday following his arrest in Ecuador's capital. They say he had been living in Quito since 2007 posing as an investor in clothes stores while allegedly laundering drug money.He is the younger brother of Luis Enrique and Javier Antonio Calle Serna. The older brothers were members of the dismantled Norte del Valle drug gang and are fugitives.Colombia's government has set $2.8 million rewards for each of the two older brothers. In addition, the U.S. government is offering a $5 million reward for Javier Antonio Calle Serna.

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